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“We aim to promote human welfare by conducting scientifically rigorous research across the globe. Our research focuses on answering a fundamental question: why are some communities able to provide secure environments, good education, adequate healthcare, and other factors that encourage human development, while others fail to do so? We engage with communities across the world, develop methodological tools, gather data, undertake analyses on major issues affecting societies today, and disseminate findings to academics, relevant policy-makers, and the communities in which we work.”

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Working Paper: Brazilian Subnational Pandemic and Everyday Health Politics

Despite historical experience and health state capacity, Brazil struggled to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas past administrations have proactively mobilized resources to combat epidemics, Bolsonaro’s administration a more passive role. The federal government’s [...]


Policy Brief: Rethinking Clientelism for Development

Conventional wisdom suggests patronage politics undermines development. Policymakers blame patronage and clientelism, or the exchange of benefits for political support, for fueling corruption and bad governance. But how and when do citizens [...]

Fellow Interview with Sridhar Telidevara

Prof. Sridhar Telidevara did his doctoral studies at SUNY Buffalo, USA. His academic research encompasses wide-ranging topics, including applied microeconomics, Consumer Behavior, the performance of dairy cooperative societies, and Governance and Local Development. The nature of research involves both theoretical and empirical modelling, including calibration of empirical data to theoretical models. He has taught management graduates for over a decade and is involved in several different collaborative centers for research and education at the Development Management Institute, where he works.

Governance Uncovered

Our monthly podcast invites scholars and professionals worldwide to discuss issues related to governance and local development with host Ellen Lust.

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