GLD Alumni

Adam Childs

Adam is an intern at GLD during autumn 2018. He is currently studying a master’s programme in Political Science at the University of Gothenburg. Before this he studied his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at UEA in England and also took the opportunity to study practical philosophy for a semester at Uppsala University in Sweden. During this time he was very interested in the moral and political aspects of philosophy. Adam’s current interests in political science focus on inequality, the effects of urbanization, political ideologies, and political parties.

Hazal Ozvaris

Hazal is an intern at GLD during the autumn of 2018. She is doing her M.A. in Political Science at Gothenburg University. Before the programme, she had been working as a political journalist and conducting weekly interviews, 30 of which on the subject of the Turkish media under authoritarianism were complied and published as a book. She was one of the founders of the Platform for Independent Journalism (P24). She is interested in the funds that are delivered for improving gender equality in the Middle East region, social movements and electoral authoritarianism.