Research Assistants

Jens Ewald

Jens was born and raised in Gothenburg but has previously also lived in Norway and in the US. He enjoys meeting new people and he is great at disc golf. Jens has a bachelor’s degree in economics, and has besides that taken courses in Swedish, English, and political science. Jens did an internship at the Program on Governance and Local Development during spring 2016. During the summer of 2016 he worked as a research assistant for GLD. He assisted the research team with data collection, dissemination, and writing reports. In addition, Jens is also interested in development economics and health economics. For his bachelor thesis he conducted a field study in India, examining the relationships between microfinance and child health.

Anmar Kamalaldin

Anmar was born and raised in Manama, the capital of the smallest country in the Middle East, Bahrain. Anmar has a Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden), where he researched the topic of Sustainability Education for his Master’s thesis. His previous academic background was in business, as he did a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Warwick (UK), followed by a Master’s degree in International Management for Middle East and North Africa at the University of London. Anmar has five years’ work experience in banking, as he was a manager at Gulf International Bank, a major wholesale bank in Bahrain. He currently works as an Assistant Researcher for GLD. Anmar enjoys reading, playing piano, travelling and drinking coffee!