Pierre F. Landry

Pierre F. Landry is a Professor of Political Science and Director of Global China Studies at NYU-Shanghai, as well as a Research Fellow at the Research Center for the Study of Contemporary China at Peking University. His undergraduate training was in economics and law at Sciences-Po in Paris. He received his Ph.D in Political Science at the University of Michigan. He is also an alumnus of the Hopkins-Nanjing program. His research interests focus on Asian and Chinese politics, comparative local government, quantitative comparative analysis and survey research. His work has focused on governance and the political management of officials in China. Besides articles and book chapters in comparative politics and political methodology, he is the author of “Decentralized Authoritarianism in China” with Cambridge University Press (2008). He is a consultant at the Universities Service Centre for China Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where he participates in the development of the Barometer on China’s Development (BOCD) and serves on the international advisory committee of the Centre. He also collaborates with the Governance and Local Development project as well as the UNDP and the World Bank on developing indicators of the variability of local governance in a variety of countries, particularly in Vietnam, Tunisia, Jordan and Malawi. Website: http://shanghai.nyu.edu/academics/faculty/pierre-landry-0