SAFEResearch Handbook: Athens Writers' Workshop

24-28 January 2018

Athens, Greece


Downtown Aleppo, Syria.



Conducting field research has become an increasingly risky endeavour in recent years, particularly in regions characterized by violent conflict, repressive political regimes, or state failure. Working under such conditions is challenging. Researchers need to think of ways to assure the physical safety of their respondents, they need to protect themselves, and they must consider whether and how the confidentiality of information can be maintained. Despite these conditions, and despite the fact that journalists, NGO workers, and scholars across a range of disciplines face similar challenges, guidance on how to prepare and conduct safe field research is not readily available. SAFEResearch aims at addressing these shortcomings with the launch of a new handbook providing researchers, as well as others engaged in on-the-ground research in difficult places, with a targeted resource guiding them in engaging in safe, ethical research.

The SAFEResearch Handbook: Athens Writers’ Workshop aims to produce the draft handbook on research safety. The workshop will bring together 24 participants drawn from diverse professions (e.g., academia, human rights, journalism) and with broad regional expertise. The workshop will begin with digital security and hostile environment training provided by external experts. The participants will then engage in writing a SAFEResearch handbook. The workshopm will be held at the Swedish Research Institute (SRI) in Athens, from January 24-28, 2018.





Project Coordinators:

Jannis Grimm

Freie Universität Berlin


Kevin Koehler

King's College London


Ellen Lust

Gothenburg University


Ilyas Saliba

WZB Berlin Social Science Center




Isabell Schierenbeck

Gothenburg University




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