Collaborative Research Workshops

GLD Urbanisation Research Workshop, Gothenburg, July 2018.


We regularly host workshops with our research partners from around the world. Our workshops help to not only enhance our ongoing research projects through informative discussions between different networks of researchers but also provide an opportunity for participants to better understand our methodology and survey tool. We believe these collaborative sessions play an important role in developing strong networks between scholars from different regions, as well as providing an enriching and rewarding experience for researchers from around the world.

Some of Our Partners

The Institute of Public Opinion and Research (IPOR)

The Institute of Public Opinion and Research (IPOR) is a social science research focused organization based in Zomba, Malawi (home to the University of Malawi). IPOR’s work spans a range of areas including, democracy and governance, development planning and administration, local development, health, education, gender, and media consumption habits, to mention but a few. These studies have employed quantitative methods such as surveys at national and sub-national levels, as well as focus group discussions, key informant interviews and desk research. IPOR’s role in the proposed collaboration will include publicizing the opportunity within the institution and associated networks, screening applications, and providing a venue for disseminating research findings from the collaborative research projects.


Ubuntu Research and Rural Development Company

Ubuntu Research and Rural Development Company (Ubuntu RRD) is a Zambian-based company that provides socio-economic research services. They provide scientifically-based socio-economic research data needed in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies, programs and projects that contribute to the economic and social development of Zambia’s (and Africa’s) rural areas.