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  • The Edward Chiwayula Trust-Scholarship Winners
  • GU Policy Dialogue Day - Update!
  • GLD Second Annual Conference: May 31-June 1
  • GLD Internal Conference 2018
  • SAFEResearch Event
  • Publications
  • Staff Announcements: New PhD Candidate
  • Presentations
The Edward Chiwayula Trust

Scholarship Winners Announced

GLD has recently contributed funding to assist in a local scholarship program in Malawi honouring a student who passed away during fielding of a collaborative project between GLD and IPOR, and the CHR. Michelsen Institute. the scholarship makes it possible for students in need to attend college. A remarkably high number of students have to drop out of college due to lack of funding, and too few Malawians even make it through secondary school to get there.

Boniface Dulani, Senior Partner of IPOR, announced:

"I am pleased that at long last, we launched the Trust and disbursed the first funds to the first group of six students at Chancellor College on February 15th. The event was graced by late Edward's parents who made the symbolic presentations of the cheques to the selected students. The list of students was chosen by the Trust members in consultation with the Chancellor College Registrar and the Dean of Students." 

Students can be seen below accepting their scholarship.

GU's Annual Policy Dialogue Day-Update

May 30 - Gothenburg, Sweden

The keynote speaker has recently been announced, and it will be Ms. Ana María Menéndez (Senior Advisor to the Secretary-General on Policy, United Nations). There is also a new program available here.

GLD's Second Annual Conference will be preceded by the Annual Policy Dialogue Day, which is jointly organised by the V-Dem InstituteQoG - Quality of Government InstituteGovernance and Local Development - GLD and UCDP (Uppsala Conflict Data Program). This event bridges the gap between analysis and practice and aims to shed light on questions relating to democracy support and governance, while also serving as a meeting platform for practitioners, policy makers, and academics.
To sign-up, please contact Natalia Stepanova.

This year's theme is: "New Research = Better Policies. Insights on Democracy, Governance, and Armed Conflict."
GLD's Second Annual Conference

May 31 & June 1 - Gothenburg, Sweden

The Program on Governance and Local Development (GLD) at the University of Gothenburg will hold its Second Annual Conference on May 31 - June 1, 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden, with the theme:
"Layered Authority"

We will showcase research that examines the ways in which different authorities interact, and the extent to which they complement or clash with each other. We aim to understand how such interactions affect governance more broadly -- at the community as well as the state level. At this conference, we aim to stimulate dialogue on such questions among scholars, policymakers, and other members of the development community.

If you would like to attend the conference, and have not received an invitation, please register here, or visit our conference website for more details.
GLD's Spring Internal Conference

April 18 - 20, Smögen

The Program on Governance and Local Development (GLD) at the University of Gothenburg held its biannual Internal Conference.

A special thank you to our visiting scholars: Karen Ferree and Henry Mollel, as well as our internationally-based GLD colleagues: Boniface Dulani, Adam Harris, Felix Hartmann, and Pierre Landry for joining us.
Top: Smögen boat houses
Bottom: Karen Ferree, Kristen Kao, Adam Harris, Boniface Dulani, and Henry Mollel.

SAFEResearch Workshop

The School of Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg,
April 26, 2018

On April 26th, GLD co-hosted a workshop with the School of Global Studies and the University of Gothenburg to encourage and support safe practices among researchers in the field. The workshop contributes to the future publication of the SAFEResearch Handbook. Stay tuned for more information on the handbook and future events. We would also like to thank Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and Vetenskapsrådet for their support.

Publications in April

GLD  Director Ellen Lust and GLD affiliate, Lindsey Benstead, contributed to the recently published book, Gender and Corruption. We would also like to congratulate our University of Gothenburg colleagues who also contributed: Marcia Grimes, Marina Nistotskaya, Bo Rothstein, Amy Alexander, Mattias Agerberg, Helena Stensöta, and Lena Wängnerufor.

Stensöta, H., & Wängnerud, L. (Eds.). (2018). Gender and Corruption: Historical Roots and New Avenues for Research. Springer.
GLD's Data Scientist Sebastian Nickel, recently published a paper on the town twinnings in the Baltic Sea: Bussmann, M. & Nickel, S. (2018) Transnational cooperation: a network analysis of town twinning in the Baltic Sea region, Journal of Baltic Studies. You can read it here

As mentioned last month, several GLD researchers (Ellen Lust, Ruth Carlitz, Kristen Kao, and Adam Harris) were published in the January 2018 APSA Newsletter, which is now available on our website.
GLD Staff Announcements
New PhD Candidate at GLD

Elise Tengs


GLD is proud to welcome Elise Tengs to the team! Her research interests include political economy, governance, public goods provision, and tax compliance. Her proposed research project examines how social institutions, with a particular focus on social extraction, shape citizens’ attitudes towards taxation. The project will also look at how the state can interact with – and possibly learn from – social institutions in order to increase tax compliance at the subnational level.


April Visiting Scholars

Henry Mollel
A Senior Lecturer, Researcher and Consultant in the School of Public Administration and Management at Mzumbe University, Henry visited us in April 13-26 and held a workshop on “Pastoralists’ Participation in Local Governance in Tanzania: A Case of Masai Pastoralists in Kondoa, Tanzania.”
Contact: mollelh@hotmail.com

Karen Ferree
A professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego, Karen studies elections in Africa, with a particular focus on the role of ethnicity in shaping voting behavior. She visited us in April 15-22 and held a seminar on her paper “Half Empty or Half Full? Mixed Performance Records, Complexity, and Voting in Africa” on April 20.
Contact: keferree@mail.ucsd.edu

Laryssa Chomiak
Currently the Director of the Centre d'Etudes Maghrébines à Tunis (CEMAT) since 2011 and an Associate Fellow with the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Chatham House. She will be visiting us on April 23-28 and workshopping her current project “Protesting Tunisia”, a study of resistance and contestation under the dictatorship of Ben Ali in Tunisia on April 27.
Contact: laryssa.chomiak@gmail.com

Rabab El Mahdi
Associate professor of political science at The American University in Cairo. Rabab visited us on April 23-27 and served as a discussant at the SAFEResearch Workshop at the School of Global Studies on Thursday, April 26.
Contact: relmahdi@aucegypt.edu


Presentations in April

Between April 4-8 Post-doctoral Research fellows Ruth Carlitz and Kristen Kao presented GLD work at the International Studies Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Ruth presented  "Unpacking ’Good Governance’: Exploring Subnational and Cross-Sectoral Variation in the Quality of Governance in Malawi," (co-authored with Kristen Kao, Pierre Landry, and Ellen Lust). Kristen presented "Who Gets the Votes Out?Authority and Elections in Developing Democracies" (co-atuhored with Ellen Lust)
 and "Measuring Ethnicization: When Social Institutions are Ethnicized" (co-authored with Adam Harris and Ellen Lust).

On April 10,  Kristen Kao presented "Money Machine: Do the Poor Demand Clientelism?" (co-authored with Ellen Lust and Lise Rakner) at ECPR Workshop on Political Clientelism in the 21st Century: Theory and Practice.

On April 11 Ellen Lust presented "The Determinants of Local and National Vote Choice: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment" (co-authored with Adam Harris and Kristen Kao) at New York University - Abu Dhabi.
On April 25 Kristen Kao also submitted an RJ second round for grant application entitled, "From Apathy to Empathy? The Effects of Face-to-Face Dialogue and Virtual Reality Immersion on Reducing Prejudice Against Refugees in Sweden."

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