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GLD's Third Annual Conference:
"Routes to Accountability"

May 24 & 25, 2019

The Program on Governance and Local Development (GLD) invites expressions of interest for its third annual conference, "Routes to Accountability" to be held May 24-25.

The goal of the conference will be to consider if, how, and when citizens can effectively hold service providers and authorities accountable. We consider not only the ways in which citizens hold state actors accountable, but also how people demand answers and enforce sanctions when non-state authorities violate their duties. We seek perspectives from both scholars and practitioners to understand how processes and practices of accountability differ across state and non-state arenas, the extent to which these arenas intersect, and how answers to these questions may differ across sectors such as education, health, security, and welfare provision. We encourage research that addresses these questions across the chain of accountability: from the provision of information on rights, responsibilities, and outcomes to enforcement and sanctioning of unresponsive providers and authorities. In charting these various routes to accountability, we will also contribute to GLD’s broader aim of explaining variation in governance and local development in an effort to promote human welfare globally.

Please register your interest in presenting or attending by October 1, 2018.

Focus Group Discussions in Zambia, Tanzania, & Kenya

Photo: Focus group discussion trainees in Tanzania
GLD's Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Ruth Carlitz travelled to Dar es Salaam to facilitate a one-day training on focus group discussions. Our local research partners are also currently in the field and will be conducting focus group discussions with Tanzanian citizens in Arusha and Songwe.
Photo: Interview with chief in Northern Province, Zambia.
GLD's Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Kristen Kao and research colleague Adam Harris (LSE) traveled to Zambia from August 10 to August 16. While there, they met with staff from the Ubuntu Research & Rural Development Company, GLD's local research partner, to train focus group facilitators. They also traveled north to Kasama, Mbala, and Mpulungu to interview tribal chiefs, ward councillors, and village headmen on governance processes.
Photo: a women-only focus group discussion in Kajiado, Kenya

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Josephine G. Gatua travelled to Kenya from August 3 to 21 to train researchers and conduct focus group discussions. The focus groups were conducted in Nairobi, Kajiado, and Taita-Taveta.

GLD Staff Announcements

GLD welcomes our newest interns Adam Childs and Hazal Ozvaris to the team. Their internships last for 10 weeks and we are grateful to have them onboard. You can read more about Adam and Hazal here.

If you would like to take part in our internship programme, please see our

Events & Presentations

Rethinking Development: Development Research Conference 2018
August 22-23, Gothenburg, Sweden
Ruth Carlitz, Chair, "Good Governance and Public Goods: The Challenges of Efficient Service Delivery in the Developing World"

Ruth Carlitz, Transparency for Whom? Transparency and Local Public Goods Provision in Non-Democratic Settings, with Monica Bauhr, on "Good Governance and Public Goods: The Challenges of Efficient Service Delivery in the Developing World" panel.
Josephine Gakii, Community Health Workers, Child Health and Healthcare Utilization Behavior, on "Good Governance and Public Goods: The Challenges of Efficient Service Delivery in the Developing World" panel.

Hans Lueders, We Don't Need No Education: Resource Endowments and the Demand for Social Service Provision, with Ellen Lust, on "Good Governance and Public Goods: The Challenges of Efficient Service Delivery in the Developing World" panel.

American Political Science Association 2018 Annual Meeting
August 30-September 2, Boston, USA

GLD and Varieties of Democracy (VDem) exhibition booth at APSA 2018.

At the American Political Science Association (APSA) 2018 Annual Meeting and Exhibition, GLD co-hosted an exhibition booth with Varieties of Democracy (VDem) and Quality of Government Institute (QoG), and presented several recent papers.
Kate Baldwin, The Reformation of Authority: Evidence on the Effects of Protestant Missionaries from Malawi, with Ellen Lust, on "Religion and Democracy in Comparative Perspective" panel.

Ruth Carlitz & Valeriya Mechkova, Gendered Accountability: When Do Governments Implement Women's Priorities? on "Gender and Politics in Africa" panel.
Kristen Kao and Mara Revkin, Reintegrating Rebel Collaborators After Conflict: Experimental Evidence from Mosul, Iraq, on "Conflict and the Rule of Law" panel.

Kristen Kao and Ellen Lust, Clientalism and Local Ties, on "Clientelism from the Citizen's Perspective" panel.

Kristen Kao, Explaining Inter-Ethnic Cooperation vs. Competition Electoral Authoritarianism on "Government Responsiveness in Authoritarian Regimes" panel.

Ellen Lust, Roundtable Rresenter, "Democracy and its Discontents in the Middle East".

Ellen Lust, Chair, "Debating Causes of Democratization Failures".

Ellen Lust
, Discussant, "New Approaches to Authoritarian Politics: Power and Dissent in Dictatorship".

Ellen Lust, Discussant, "How Democracy Fails: Patterns of Autocratization in Comparative Perspective".

Presentations by GLD Collaborators
Asiyati Chiweza, Happy Kayuni, and Ragnhild Muriaas, Gender, Party Primaries, and the Cost of Elections in Malawi, on "The Financial Costs of Elections and Gender Imbalance in Political Recruitment" panel.

Vibeke Wang, Lindsay J. Benstead, Boniface Dulani, Ragnhild Muriaas, and Lise Rakner, Traditional Authority, Gender, and Political Engagement in Malawi, on "The Political Implications of Matrilineal Kinship" panel.

Ellen Lust also participated in a research development group "Emerging Research from MENA Scholars". The full-day workshop featured several panels with discussions centred on research undertaken by 7 Arab scholars. Discussions were moderated by faculty from the US, with a goal of identifying key areas for improvement in pursuit of publication in peer-reviewed journals. The course is part of a larger collaboration between the American Political Science Association and the Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS) to enhance the networks between scholars based in the MENA region and the USA.
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