Did You Know...
that women in Malawi are more likely than men to agree with the statement: “Men make better political leaders than women do”?  Nevertheless, the majority of Malawians (over 86%) said that they believe that it is at least somewhat important to increase the number of women elected to office, and men and women are equally likely to support policies that fund female candidates’ political campaigns.  For more, see the newly released, “LGPI in Malawi: Selected Findings on Gender.” 

Taking Results Back to Communities

IPOR and CMI colleagues with local councillors in Chikwawa, following meeting presenting district findings.

Colleagues from the Institute for Public Opinion and Research (Blantyre, Malawi) and Christian Michelsen Institute (Bergen, Norway) presented findings from LGPI in Malawi. The results stimulated a lively discussion and were reported in The Nation and elsewhere. It always feels good to take findings from the data we collect back to the communities they most concern.

More information by districts can be found in the newly released District Report, found here.

Malawi Dataset
Don't forget that you are invited to begin exploring the Malawi LGPI Truncated Dataset.  Find it under Resources on the GLD website. We recommend downloading it in STATA, which includes survey and post-stratification weights.

Enjoy! Please share interesting findings or contact us if you have any questions.
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