Malawi LGPI 2016 Truncated Data Set Released!
We are happy to announce a release of the Malawi Local Governance Performance Index (LGPI) 2016 dataset. The LGPI was conducted in Malawi during March and April 2016. The LGPI seeks to measure and better understand governance and service delivery at the local level.  (See for more detail.)

Notably, this is a highly clustered survey, which facilitates measurement and inference at the local (in this case, village) level. The survey covers political participation, education, health, security, welfare, land, dispute resolution, social norms and institutions, corruption and transparency. Data released in the Truncated Data Set focuses on participation and quality of service measures.

You can find it at   Associated reports on health, education, land and livelihoods are available under "Reports" at

We hope you find these useful and welcome any questions or comments!

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