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Sub-Saharan Africa Social Institutions Workshop
July 23-26, Gothenburg
GLD hosted the 'Sub Saharan Africa Social Institutions Workshop' on July 23-26. The workshop aimed to prepare for the implementation of our upcoming study in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia. It was an essential step in working to ensure consistent implementation of the study across Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, and Zambia, and also gave the team an opportunity to engage in detailed, constructive discussion over the focus group and survey instruments.

Participants included the core GLD team: Nesrine Ben Brahim (researcher), Ruth Carlitz (post-doctoral research fellow), Josephine G. Gatua (post-doctoral research fellow), Felix Hartmann (PhD candidate), Kristen Kao (post-doctoral research fellow), Ellen Lust (director), Sebastian Nickel (data scientist), and Dalila Sabanic (program manager). We were joined by collaborators Boniface Dulani (IPOR), Adam Harris (UCL), Pierre Landry (UHK), Anna Persson (Gothenburg) and Marwa Shalaby (Gothenburg), as well as implementing partners Fison Mujenja from Zambia, John Tengatenga from Malawi, and Marie Mallet from EDI, working on Tanzania.

Special thanks to our program coordinator, Sara Kenney, and interns, Bruna de Castro and Michael Stam for excellent work preparing for and assisting with the workshop. It was an intense and productive workshop!
Top: GLD's Data Scientist, Sebastian Nickel, presenting a visual of Tanzania's borders.
Middle-left: Attendees: Boni Dulani, Fison Mujenja, Marie Mallet, & John Tengatenga.
Middle-right:Attendees: Anna Perrson, Marwa Shalaby, and Nesrine Ben Brahim.
Bottom: Attendees: Josephine G. Gatua, Ellen Lust, Ruth Carlitz, Pierre Landry, Kristen Kao, Adam Harris, & Felix Hartmann

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APSA Reception

Would you like to meet University of Gothenburg scholars at the American Political Science Association conference? Join us for a Beer & Wine Open Bar reception on Friday, August 31 from 5-6pm outside Booth 527, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA.


At the World Congress on Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES) in Seville on July 16 & 17, GLD founder and director Ellen Lust presented “Layered authority and social institutions: reconsidering state-centric theory and development policy” and "Not the only games in towns: Local-level representation in transitions' (co-presented by Janine A. Clar and Emanuela Dalmasso).

Other Activities

Two of GLD's PhD candidates, Ezgi Irgil and Prisca Jöst, attended this year’s summer school on Social Science Data Analysis at the University of Essex (UK). They participated in a course on survey data analysis and survey experiments with Yanna Krupnikov from Stony Brook University. They look forward to applying their new skills to upcoming GLD projects!

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