Intissar Kherigi

Intissar Kherigi, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Law at the Southern Mediterranean University in Tunisia.

Intissar obtained her PhD in Political Science from Sciences Po University in Paris, which examined the politics of decentralization reforms in Tunisia. She holds a Master's from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bachelor's from Cambridge University. Her research focuses on local governance, decentralization, public participation, and social accountability in the Middle East and North Africa. She has authored several journal articles and book chapters, including, most recently, the chapter on Tunisia, in Lust, E. (ed.), The Middle East (Sage, 2022), ‘Pathways for effective civic engagement? Social Accountability Initiatives in Tunisia’, in Bergh, S. and Ward Vloeberghs (eds.), Civic Innovation in the Arab World (Palgrave Pivot, 2023), and  ‘Decentralization Reforms in Post-Revolution Tunisia: The Centralized Logic of Decentralization’, in Bali, A. and Omar Dajani (eds.), Federalism and Decentralization in the Contemporary Middle East (Cambridge University Press, 2023).