Program Management and Communication

Rose Shaber-Twedt

Rose Shaber-Twedt is GLD's Program Manager. Rose holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Royal Holloway, University of London. She started at GLD in 2019 as a Director’s Assistant and editor and has previously worked as a research administrator and editor at the University of Gothenburg School of Global Studies and the Gothenburg Centre for Globalization and Development (GCGD).


Sara Bjurenvall

Sara Bjurenvall joined GLD in June 2021 as the program's Communication Officer. She holds a bachelor's degree in Global Studies and a master's degree in Communication - both from the University of Gothenburg. Sara has previously worked within communication at Miljöbron and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Dalila Sabanic

Dalila is currently on leave, for urgent issues please contact
Dalila Sabanic is GLD's Program and Financial Manager. She has twelve years of experience working with various projects, in both NGOs and academia. Before joining GLD, Dalila was active in Anticorrp – a large-scale interdisciplinary EU project that covered 20 research groups in 15 EU countries, and was funded by the European Commission. Her academic background is in psychology and pedagogy, where she has a master's degree in Educational Science and a bachelor's degree in Psychology.