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August 2021

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  • Governance Uncovered: Married Women's Rights in Syria - Taima Al Jayoush
  • GLD Working Paper: Success Beyond Gender Quotas
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  • New: GLD Policy Briefs
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Welcome to GLD's 4th Annual Conference! 

This year, our Annual Conference will take the form of a Workshop Series. Researchers from universities all over the world will present and discuss findings relating to this year's theme: Governance, People, and Space. The workshops will be taking place virtually every second week throughout the fall of 2021, with each session including three interesting presentations. The aim of the series is to examine how governance mechanisms and outcomes vary across differences in people (e.g. gender, ethnicity) and space (e.g., neighborhoods, villages/cities, and other spatial contexts). We consider governance by both state and non-state acts and institutions and have welcomed proposals from both scholars and practitioners seeking to understand how governance processes and practices differ and intersect across these spatial and demographic areas. 

The first workshop, Violence, Order, and Space, starts at 4pm CEST on September 1st. 

Register here!

Governance Uncovered

Taima Al Jayoush on The Rights of Married Women in Syria

Episode 29: 
This month, we were joined by Taima Al Jayoush - a lawyer specializing in human rights and international law. Taima is a member of the Barreau du Quebec, a legal counsel in Syrian legislation based in Montreal. She has defended and helped dozens of women and children in Syrian and European courts and was the first woman to defend political prisoners in Syria's supreme state security court. Taima was also the first woman to be a board member of the "Human Rights Organization of Syria" in early 2001 and has represented many opposition leaders.

In this episode, we discuss women's rights in Syria and the impact of the civil war,  specifically regarding the new family law and the role of Sharia in marriage contracts. Taima explains the complex issues women face from both family and society and highlights the importance of acknowledging women's dignity as a human right.

Find Taima here.

Listen to the episode 


New Working Paper

Success Beyond Gender Quotas: Gender, Local Politics, and Clientelism in Morocco

What explains the success of female candidates in local elections? Despite the proliferation of subnational gender quotas over the past two decades, we continue to know little about the determinants of women’s successes in local politics, especially in non-democratic settings. In this working paper, we focus on Morocco and argue that the prevalence of clientelism and patronage networks at the local level hampers women’s abilities to win competitive seats. While these patterns dominate both local and national politics in Morocco and much of the MENA region, they are most pronounced at the local level with direct implications for female representation. We argue that women’s success in local politics is curtailed by their ‘newcomer’ status and weak party affiliation, combined with the majoritarian electoral system (SMD) in place in most municipalities that tends to favor more connected, male candidates who are predominantly viewed by voters as capable service providers. To test our argument, we rely on an original dataset combining the electoral outcomes of all 1538 of Morocco’s municipalities in the 2015 election, including municipal and councilor-level data. Quantitative data is supplemented with interviews conducted with local party officials and elected councilors. 
Read full paper




Guest Seminar: Benjamin Schütze

On September 14, Benjamin Schüetze will present his book - Promoting Democracy, Reinforcing Authoritarianism - discussing how US and EU democracy promotion reinforces authoritarianism rather than promotes democracy in Jordan. Benjamin's research interest lies in authoritarian practices and the politics of intervention. Exploring the often-contradictory effects of external interventions in the Middle East and North Africa, his work is situated at the intersection of international relations, Middle Eastern politics, critical security studies, and transregional studies. 
The seminar has been organized by the Center for European Research at the University of Gothenburg (CERGU) and GLD. 

Date:14/9, 9.15-10.45 CEST
Place: Zoom
To register, please email


New: GLD Policy Briefs! 

From now on, you'll be able to access selected work in the format of a policy brief. These are one-two pages long summaries of the most key, policy-relevant findings of a paper, report, or project. The policy briefs are free to share among your networks and with stakeholders whom you believe would find the work interesting.  


Call for Working Papers

Would you like to have your papers read by a wide audience? We hereby invite you to submit a working paper to The Program on Governance and Local Development for publication on our website and in our SSRN eJournal series. GLD has a wide readership network, and we disseminate our findings both in Sweden and around the globe. Articles submitted for consideration in this working paper series will undergo a standard single-blind review process. Each working paper is sent to at least one expert for a friendly but critical review. Accepted manuscripts are also given a careful edit prior to publication.

Submission Guidelines
The series aims to disseminate research on local governance and development issues to scholars and policymakers. We, therefore, advise that manuscripts (exclusive of appendices) should be between 7,000 and 10,000 words in length, and must not exceed 12,000 words. Your manuscript must also be submitted in editable Microsoft Word format. The series aims to support authors as they work to publish their papers in peer-reviewed journals. Manuscripts published elsewhere will not be accepted, but papers selected for publication can be removed from the Working Paper Series before journal publication, should the journal require it.

Please consult the GLD Working Papers style guide prior to publication. All manuscripts should be submitted to
We welcome your submission and encourage you to circulate this call for papers amongst your own network.
If you have any questions, please contact
Publications and Presentations

Dulani, Boniface, Rakner, Lisa, Benstead, Lindsay and Wang, Vibeke. (2021). "Do Women Face a Different Standard? The Interplay of Gender and Corruption in the 2014 Presidential Elections in Malawi," Women's Studies International Forum. Read.

Carlitz, Ruth and Lust, Ellen. (2021). “Governance Beyond the State: Social Institutions and Service Delivery,” in Andreas Bågenholm, Monika Bauhr, Marcia Grimes, and Bo Rothstein (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of the Quality of Government. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Read. 

Jöst, Prisca and Lust, Ellen. (2021). "Social Ties, Clientelism, and the Poor’s Expectations of Future Service Provision," Working Paper, UNU-WIDER. Read.

Podcast alert! 

Hear our visiting scholar, Thabit Jacob, discuss the politics and economics surrounding the Sino-Tanzanian Bagamoyo port deal in a recent episode of the China in Africa podcast.

GLD Working Paper eJournal

Don’t forget to subscribe to the GLD SSRN eJournal! This month’s edition is focused on Elections. To see GLD’s full SSRN series, please click here

Staff Announcements 

Thank you, Cecilia!

Cecilia Ahsan Jansson has been GLD’s data analyst since March 2020, focusing on the implementation and development of analysis plans. In her work, she has analyzed data for various projects within GLD, with a special focus on experimental studies. Cecilia has a special interest in Development Economics and is now off to do a Ph.D. in Economics. Thank you for everything, Cecilia, and best of luck in the future!

Cecilia's LinkedIn

A new GLD baby! 

Warmest congratulations to our program manager Dalila Sabanic and her family on the arrival of baby Erin. We are as excited as the two proud big brothers, Merlin and Arnel! 

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