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March 2021

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  • In the Spotlight: GLD's 2020 Annual Report
  • Governance Uncovered: Intissar Kherigi on Tunisia's Municipal Boundary Reforms
  • New Working Paper on Challenges to Democracy in Turkey
  • Internships at GLD
  • Congratulations to Boniface Dulani and Prisca Jöst!
  • Staff Announcements: Thabit Jacob joins GLD
  • ... and much more! 

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In the Spotlight:

GLD's 2020 Annual Report - 5 years of GLD Gothenburg 

This year's Annual Report is extra special for us as we celebrate our 5th anniversary at the University of Gothenburg. We hope you enjoy reading all about the GLD's challenges and successes over the last five years and what we can look forward to in 2021!
Read the report for updates on:
  • GLD in 2020
  • GLD in Five Years 
  • Our Research
  • New and Ongoing Projects
  • The New GLD Data 
  • Our Work in 2020 
  • Looking Ahead: GLD in 2021 

Find the full report on our website.

New Governance Uncovered Podcast

Intissar Kherigi on Tunisia's 2015-17 Municipal Boundary Reforms

Episode 24: This month, we talk to Intissar Kherigi, a Ph.D. student at Sciences Po Paris and GLD Collaborating Researcher, about Tunisia’s 2015-17 municipal boundary reforms. After the Arab uprisings in 2011, Tunisia saw changes in local governance and the adoption of a new constitution mandating the decentralization of power, leading the government to reorganize the country's municipal boundaries.

Intissar analyses the ways in which local populations are challenging central state-driven municipal boundary reforms and the implications for local governance. She situates this within the historical processes of boundary formation in modern Tunisia and highlights the difficulties in breaking with colonial legacies.

Selected work: 
Kherigi, Intissar. (2021). "Municipal Boundaries and the Politics of Space in Tunisia," The Program on Governance and Local Development Working Paper No. 38, University of Gothenburg. Read.

New Working Paper

Media Bias, Kurdish Repression, and the Dismantling of Local Democracy in Turkey

In this article, we explore how heightened repression and the consolidation of power by Turkey's executive branch have allowed Erdoğan to take steps that further undermine the country’s democratic evolution. We argue that Erdoğan’s increasing pressure on the media, along with the state of emergency following the 2016 coup attempt, facilitated the repression of Kurdish municipalities. Focusing on the targeting of HDP mayors by the central government, we describe the political process leading to the purge of elected mayors and the normalization of the trustee system (kayyım) at the local level. We then conduct a content analysis of news articles to empirically examine potential bias in Turkish news outlets’ reporting. Our findings demonstrate differences in the content and framing of articles published by national and international news outlets concerning HDP co-mayors’ events and the takeover of their municipalities. We find that Turkish news outlets overwhelmingly promote the AKP party line, rarely provide balanced reporting, and propagate a ‘Kurds as terrorists’ frame.

Read the full working paper.



GLD Events

GLD's Spring Workshop Series

Kristen Kao, Adilhan Adil, Daniela Völp, Jacob Sohlberg, Peter Esaiasson,
Samuel Larsson, and Marcia Grimes at GLD's Spring Workshop Series.
GLD's Spring Workshop Series is ongoing and aimed at sharing findings based on GLD data and workshopping those findings into well-crafted articles.

Amongst other presentations, GLD Senior Research Fellow Kristen Kao presented her upcoming field experiment with Salma Mousa on recycling in low institutional trust contexts. The project aims to measure the effect of a CSO-municipality partnership in Lebanon on recycling, waste sorting, and trust.

We would like to thank all participants and are looking forward to the next sessions!

GLD Workshop Series 
Spring 2021 
16.00-17.00 CET 


Date Topic
8 April  Kate Baldwin, Kristen Kao, and Ellen Lust: "How Leaders Gain Compliance Across Different Realms: Evidence from Cross-National Survey Experiments"
22 April Karen E. Ferree: "Disease Threat, Stereotypes and Covid-19: An Early View from Malawi and Zambia" (co-authored with Ellen Lust, Adam Harris, Boniface Dulani, Karen E. Ferree, Kristen Kao, Cecilia Ahsan Jansson, and Erica Ann Metheney)
29 April Ellen Lust, Lauren Honig, Melanie Phillips, and Karen E. Ferree: “Green Eggs and Ham (Title TBC)”
For more information about the seminar series, or if you wish to attend, please contact

Opportunities: Internships at GLD

If you are thinking about pursuing an internship as part of your studies, we are currently accepting applications for three different internships: ResearchData Science, and Project Management/Communications. Click here to learn more about these positions.

We are also looking for research interns who are interested in aspects of migrant integration in Sweden, Jordan, and Turkey. The internship will be carried out in English, but knowledge of Arabic is a requirement for this particular position. Click here to learn more about this position. 

Benefits of a GLD Internship
  • Gain valuable work experience in a research environment
  • Learn new skills
  • Apply knowledge from academic studies to real-world situations
  • Enhance your employability

Length of Internship: 10 or 20 weeks
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Working Language: English
Deadline: April 20 

To apply, you must be EITHER a current student (Bachelor's or Master's), enrolled in your programme's internship course for credit OR registered with Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Unemployment Agency).

Please send your CV, English writing sample, and a cover letter describing which track you are applying for and why you want to do an internship at GLD to If you have any questions, please contact us via email. We ask that you submit all documents in English.

International Applicants
While we prioritize applications from University of Gothenburg students, we welcome submissions from around the world. In special circumstances, GLD can pay the cost of transportation to our Swedish offices for international applicants. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay for any living expenses during your internship.

PLEASE NOTE – due to Covid-19 restrictions, all work will be done remotely until further notice. However, you will still have the opportunity to work extensively with a wide array of researchers around the globe. Our research is still ongoing, and we look forward to your contributions to the team. 
Publications and Presentations


Chirwa, Gowokani Chijere, Boniface Dulani, Lonjezo Sithole, Joseph Chunga, Witness Alfonso, and John Tengatenga. (2021). "Malawi at the Crossroads: Does the Fear of Contracting COVID-19 Affect the Propensity to Vote?" European Journal of Development Research. Read.


Kristen Kao and Salma Mousa, “Engaging Citizens in Local Governance: A Recycling Experiment in a Low Institutional Trust Context,” GLD Spring Workshop Series, Online, March 4.  

Mara Revkin and Kristen Kao, "Retribution or Reconciliation? Post-Conflict Attitudes Toward Enemy Collaborators," International Relations and Methods Workshop at UCLA Dep. of Political Science, Online, March 8. 

Prisca Jöst and Ellen Lust, "Neighborhood Social Context and Compliance among the Needy," Research Seminar, University of Mannheim (Prof. Richard Traunmüller), March 15.

Adam Harris, Kristen Kao, Erica Metheney, and Ellen Lust, “ESI Paper,” GLD Spring Workshop Series, Online, March 18.  

Ellen Lust, “Clientelism, Credibility, and Context,” GLD Spring Workshop Series, Online, March 25.  

Ezgi Irgil, "Everyday Regulations and Syrian Store Owners’ Encounters with Local State Authorities in Bursa, Turkey," POMEPS Junior Scholars Workshop, March 26.

Third Paper in the Covid-19 Series has been accepted to the
Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties

We are happy to announce that our latest Covid-19 paper, "Elections in the Time of Covid-19: The Triple Crises Around Malawi’s 2020 Presidential Elections," has been accepted by the Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties. This paper is the third in our series of GLD papers building on the Covid-19 data in Malawi and Zambia. You can find the first two papers, Stigma, Trust, and Procedural Integrity: Covid-19 Testing in Malawi and The ABCs of Covid-19 Prevention in Malawi: Authority, Benefits, and Costs of Compliance, published in World Development.

More information about this paper will be forthcoming! 

GLD Working Paper eJournal

Don’t forget to subscribe to the GLD SSRN eJournal! This month’s edition is focused on Local Governance and Institutions. To see GLD’s full SSRN series, please click here

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Staff Announcements 

Thabit Jacob joins GLD as a Visiting Scholar 

"I’m so thrilled to join GLD as a visiting scholar for the next two years. I’m excited to secure a place to continue my work on the political economy of energy and resource extraction. My work focuses on politics, both at the national level where decisions are made as well at the sub-national level where implementation and local contestations happen. I understand GLD researchers work a lot with sub-national actors and I’m looking forward to learning more about GLD experiences of working with local communities."   - Thabit Jacob

We are happy to announce that Thabit Jacob will be joining GLD as a visiting scholar. Thabit is a Tanzanian political economist, with a recent PhD from Roskilde University (Denmark), who focuses on issues of governance and energy. Thabit is  currently engaged in a project with scholars at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) on these issues in Ghana. His research is positioned at the intersection of environment and development challenges, focusing on natural resource governance and the political economy of energy, natural resource extraction, and climate change, questioning the role and prospects of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the extractive sector. 

We thank the Vice-Chancellor's Office of the University of Gothenburg for supporting this initiative! 

Selected Work:

Resource Nationalism: Enabler or Spoiler of Pockets of Effectiveness in ‘New Oil’ Tanzania’s Petroleum Sector? 

The Return of The State: A Political Economy of Resource Nationalism and Revived State-Owned Enterprises in Tanzania’s Coal Sector 

Find out more about Thabit and his work here


Goodbye, Katie! 

Katelyn Nutley has been with GLD as a Research Intern for the last 10 weeks. She is currently writing her Master's thesis to complete her double-degree program at the University of Gothenburg and the University of Konstanz. We thank Katie for her time at GLD and wish her good luck in her future! 
"When I initially applied for the internship at GLD, I think I was looking for industry connections, practical experience, and maybe a reference. While I did get all of that, I also got very much more besides. The people, but especially the women in charge at GLD, inspired me. Ellen Lust truly is the closest I've ever seen anyone come to the archetypal 'fearless leader,' Dalila Sabanic is an unending font of kindness and patience, Kristen Kao is a veritable force of nature, and Erica Metheney never met a problem she couldn't solve. The women at GLD are fearless, kind, and clever, but perhaps more importantly, they lead by example. At 25, you think you're beyond needing positive female role models, but you're not (I certainly wasn't), and GLD has them in spades." 
- Katelyn Nutley


Boniface Dulani Promoted to Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Malawi

Congratulations to Boniface Dulani on his well-deserved promotion to Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Malawi!

We would like to thank you, Boni, for our long-time collaboration, and we are looking forward to a future of more joint projects!

Green light for Prisca Jöst to defend her PhD dissertation 

Prisca Jöst has been given the green light to defend her Ph.D. dissertation "The Political Participation of the Poor." Prisca  received her Master's in Peace and Conflict Research from the University of Tuebingen (Germany) and has been at GLD since 2017. 

We congratulate Prisca on her success and are proud to have supported her on this journey!

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