Help Us Validate Local Governance Process Indicators (LGPI)

GLD has been working on developing a new set of local governance indicators called the Local Governance Process Indicators (LGPI), which cover a range of topics including: participation, corruption, transparency, extraction, and social institutions. We are currently looking for researchers to help us validate these indicators.  


We are looking for researchers to assist with the Construct, Criterion, and Application validation exercise. Using our LGPI 2019 datavalidators will be asked to perform three analyses and write a final summary report of findings for one of the indicator topics (e.g., participation, corruption, or transparency). The detail of each analysis is outlined here: LGPI Construct & Criterion Validation Strategy. We will provide researchers with a template for the final report (available in Word or LaTeX).  

In appreciation of the researcher's expertise and time, we will offer an honorarium of $1000 USD. Researchers are also welcome to use the data and analyses for their own purposes and publications. Below is a general overview of each analysis.


Construct Validation 

Assessment of how well each indicator in the topic is related to what it should be related to (convergent validity) and how well it is not related to what it should not be related to (discriminant validity).   

Researchers are expected to do the following for each indicator (list available LGPI Indicator List.xlsx

  • Convergent Validity: Select a set of survey questions and/or other indices for which the construct should be related. 
  • Discriminant Validity: Select a set of survey questions and/or other indices questions for which the construct should NOT be related. 
  • Perform a QCV analysis (references provided) 


Criterion Validation 

Assess the extent to which each indicator in the assigned topic is related to a relevant alternative.  

Researchers are expected to:

  • Identify pre-existing measures that can serve as complete or partial alternatives to the LGPI indicator (note that this new measure needs to be able to be computed/available at a very local level to map onto our indicators).  
    • Perform an analysis comparing the LGPI indicator to the alternative measure. This could include correlations, predictions, etc. 


  • Determine that no such data exists. 


Application Validation 

Assess the performance of the indicators in typical models.

Researchers are expected to:

  1. Identify two models for which we would expect the indicator, if it measures what it is intended to measure, to be a statistically significant independent variable in the model.  
  2. Fit the models. 
  3. Interpret the findings.


Application deadline: February 29

Apply via this form: