Present at GLD's 7th Annual Conference


GLD now invites applications to present at the 7th Annual Conference, The Dynamics of Change in Governance and Local Development”! 


Governance is often an evolving process. Authorities and institutions evolve over time, affecting one another and reshaping development outcomes. Even in the absence of external shocks, governance and development are complex, dynamic processes that require cross-temporal analysis. The last few years have been full of newly emerging, macro-level challenges migration, Covid-19, the rise of populist executives, climate change, and conflict with the potential to radically alter how governance works at the local level 


GLD aims to bring together a global community of scholars to examine changes in governance and local development over time. We seek research-based papers that shed light on changes in the strength of state vs. non-state authorities, center-periphery relations, and the degree to which institutions are formal (e.g., citizen-state relations can be altered or evolved, with individuals’ notions of citizenship or belonging in various communities being reconceived over time). We also welcome papers that explore how governance dynamics at the local/subnational level have changed, adapted, or interacted due to new challenges/shocks, as well as how connections between local politics and national and/or transnational dynamics (e.g., migration, climate change) can interact to produce disruptions, either suddenly or gradually. Finally, we invite scholars to consider the underlying mechanisms of change, ranging from learning (or policy transfer/diffusion) to structural change responses.





Apply at this link by October 10, 2023. 

Invitations to participate will be sent in December 2023. 


If you are invited to present at GLD’s 7th Annual Conference, GLD will cover your economy class travel (within University of Gothenburg guidelines), accommodation, and conference costs. Given current GU travel policies, we ask participants who can provide their own transportation to do so; however, your ability to cover costs will not affect selection. The number of self-funded/arranged travel allows us to expand the number of conference attendees. Child care is provided, although we are not able to cover costs of dependents’ transportation and lodging. Please note - the Annual Conference is a closed conference (invited participants only). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at  

The conference will be held May 20-23, 2024, at Nääs Fabriker in Tollered, Sweden.


GLD's Annual Conference 2023 at Nääs Fabriker, Sweden