Ongoing (2022-2024)


The aims of this project are three-fold. First, it strengthens the community of scholars working on GLD issues in the MENA, Europe, the US, and elsewhere by providing capacity-building opportunities. Second, it seeks to promote scholarly collaboration across the MENA and Europe on issues pertinent to local governance and development. Finally, it brings together scholars and policy practitioners working in and/or on the MENA region, providing a better understanding of key local governance and development issues. 


Project Collaboration  

Part of this project is being implemented in collaboration with Alternative Policy Solutions (APS) at the American University of Cairo and will convene researchers from Gothenburg, AUC, and others at MENA-based institutions. The project will focus on governance, social engineering, climate change, and sustainability across the MENA Region.


Project Implementation 

This project aims to strengthen policy-relevant, rigorous research on governance and local development in the MENA, a sub-goal of this is to strengthen the capacity of scholars working on this in the MENA, Europe, and the US. Our collaboration with the researchers from Alternative Policy Solutions will help us in reaching that sub-goal. Through this project, we focus on delivering several tangible outputs that will benefit scholars, practitioners, and policymakers and bridge the gap between these. We see three main areas of deliverables from this project: 

We will disseminate the research through publications such as working papers and reports, engagement in skills development opportunities, and networking through workshops and conferences for the scholarly community working on GLD issues. 

We also aim to support project participants and the broader community in their research process by making available a repository of training materials on writing effective literature reviews, grant writing, data analysis, presentations and public speaking.  

Finally, we aim to promote publications in a number of diverse international and regional media outlets, such as the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, Carnegie’s Sada, al-Monitor, GLD’s website and social media outlets. We will also promote public appearances by project participants, insertion into policy dialogues, and dissemination of research findings at national, regional, and international conferences. We will hold policy roundtables on issues relating to the MENA, both in Arabic and English, to reach as wide an audience as possible. 

Policy Roundtables 



Policy Briefs 


“Local Governance in Afghanistan: Six Months After the Taliban Takeover”   

Authors: Paller, Jeff. Eds. Bjurenvall, Sara; Shaber-Twedt, Rose.   

The University of Gothenburg, The Program on Governance and Local Development: GLD Policy Brief No. 8, March 2022.    


“The Future of Local Governance and Development in Tunisia” 

Author: Paller, Jeff. Eds. Shaber-Twedt, Rose.  

The University of Gothenburg, Governance and Local Development Institute: GLD Policy Brief 

No. 12, August 2022.  


Carnegie Cooperation of New York  


This project is supported by the Governance and Local Development in the Middle East and North Africa grant (Carnegie Corporation of New York – G-21-58464), PI: Ellen Lust.