Swedish Research Links (SRL) – Public Goods Provision in the Shadow of Urbanization: Learning from Experiences

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This project aims to forge long-term collaborations with local research institutions in Malawi, Zambia, Ghana, and Kenya. Two junior scholars from each country have been selected to work with senior scholars from Higher-Income Countries (HICs) to develop and implement research projects based on the 2019 LGPI Data. The junior scholars and HIC scholars will engage over the course of two years through a series of online workshops, one-to-one meetings, and conferences. They will present their final projects at the 2022 GLD Annual Conference.

Please Note – the Swedish Research Links Grant was initially intended as a travel grant for junior and HIC scholars to meet in person to work on their projects. Due to current circumstances, all workshops and meetings are being held online until further notice.


Funded by:

Swedish Research Council