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The Transitional Governance Project (TGP) is a portal for gathering and disseminating research and data on governance in transitional societies in the Middle East and North Africa and beyond. It exists to build community, enhance scholars’ understanding of the pressures and processes of governance, and support policymakers engaged in improving development across a range of political contexts. The TGP spans several subject areas—service delivery, representation, electoral and identity politics (e.g., gender, race, ethnicity), transparency, and methodology—and contributes to a range of important research questions in the social sciences.

The Transitional Governance Project grew out of the synergistic efforts of several researchers who have conducted electoral surveys in the MENA since the late 2000s, beginning with work in Morocco and Algeria in 2007 (Benstead and Lust), and expanding after the Arab spring in 2011 to Egypt (Lust, Soltan, and Wichmann), Tunisia (Benstead, Lust, and Malouche), Libya (Benstead, Lust, and Wichmann), and Jordan (Lust, Kao, and Benstead).

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