LGPI Malawi 2016



The published truncated dataset is based on the Local Governance Performance Index (LGPI) survey which was conducted in Malawi during March and April 2016. This survey seeks to measure and better understand governance and service delivery at the local level. Notably, this is a highly clustered survey, which facilitates measurement and inference at the local (in this case, village) level. The survey covers the following topics: political participation, social norms and institutions, education, health, security, welfare, corruption, land, and dispute resolution.



The dataset is weighted by the -svyset- command. Therefore, we recommend using the data in Stata. The dta-file already includes the command.


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Lust, Ellen, Adam Harris, Kristen Kao, Pierre F. Landry, Boniface Dulani, Atusaye Zgambo, Asiyati Chiweza, Happy Kayuni, Ragnhild L. Muriaas, Lise Rakner, Vibeke Wang, Lindsay Benstead, Felix Hartmann, and Sebastian Nickel. ”The Local Governance Performance Index (LGPI) Malawi Truncated Dataset.” Program on Governance and Local Development, University of Gothenburg: 2016.

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2017/01/31 Release of version .05








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