September 2021

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Work-in-Progress Workshop Series Spring 2022 

Get the chance to be a part of a scholarly network, where you both provide and receive feedback on research in progress within the governance and local development fields! 

The GLD Work-in-Progress Virtual Workshop Series is designed to help scholars with ongoing papers or projects by providing feedback, suggestions, and advice during a one hour long workshop. You are, of course, encouraged to attend the other workshops to reciprocate the helpful feedback! 

Instructions for paper submission: 
Papers must align with the GLD mission
Deadline: November 1, 2021
Application: follow this link

Apply for Spring Internships!

Do you want to experience being part of a research team and working with questions that promote human welfare at local and international levels? Apply for an internship at GLD! Besides learning new skills, you'll gain valuable work experience from a research environment and enhance your employability by getting the chance to put your academic knowledge into practice.

We are currently looking for highly motivated, flexible, and self-driven people interested in governance and development who want to work in a fast-paced research environment. We offer internships in researchcommunications/management, and data science tracks.

Please note! In order to apply, you must be a student currently enrolled in a bachelor's or a master’s program that offers the opportunity to do an internship or enrolled with the Swedish unemployment agency 

Deadline: November 1, 2021. 
Application email: 
Find more information via this link 

Short-Term Grants 

Applications are now open for short-term research grants! Awards averaging 25,000 SEK will be offered biannually to support research projects related to critical governance issues that align with the GLD mission. At the conclusion of the research project, all recipients are expected to submit a paper to be included in the GLD Working Paper Series. This call is open to all scholars, regardless of prior GLD affiliation.

Deadline: October 31, 2021. 
Application email: 
Find more information via this link 


GLD Annual Conference; October Workshops! 


Governance Uncovered

Melani Cammett on the Dimensions of Healthcare in Lebanon

Episode 30:
This month, we are joined by Melani Cammett, Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs in the Department of Government, and chair of the Harvard Academy of International and Area Studies at Harvard. Melani also holds a secondary faculty appointment in the Harvard Chan School of Public Health.

In this episode, we discuss healthcare quality in Lebanon,  within both the Lebanese and Syrian refugee populations. We also discuss the sociopolitical factors that regulate where citizens choose to seek care and what role international partnerships play in healthcare quality in Lebanon.

Selected work:
Cammett, Melani and Sasmaz, Aytug. (2021). "Equity with Prejudice: International NGOs and Healthcare Delivery Refugee Crises," The Program on Governance and Local Development Working Paper No. 44, University of Gothenburg, Available At:


Listen to the episode now


New Working Paper

Co-Partisanship with Mayors and Citizen Trust in Local Governance Institutions: Evidence from Tunisisa 

Does co-partisanship with mayors influence citizen trust in local governance institutions in new democracies? Yasun answers this question by conducting a case study in Tunisia and evaluating Arab Barometer (2018) survey data on trust in local governance institutions, and interview data with mayors, council members, and civil society organizations. The results indicate that Tunisians who support the same political party as their mayors tend to develop greater levels of trust in local governance institutions through the perceptions of institutional performance, such as their degrees of corruption, clientelism, inclusivity and efficiency. The findings contribute to the literature by identifying the role and mechanism of co-partisanship in shaping trust in local governance institutions among the emerging democracies.
Read full paper

Explaining the Resilience of Single-Party Regimes: Centralized Politics, Promotability, and Corruption

The spread of democracy during the Third Wave was accompanied by the expansion of one-party autocracies. Compared to other non-democratic systems, one-party regimes are more durable, suffer fewer coups, and enjoy higher economic growth. So why are single-party regimes so resilient? In this paper, Ngoc Phan argues that, in certain single-party regimes, centralized politics and meritocratic promotion combine to create an incentive-based system conducive to development and economic growth, which in turn consolidates the regime’s capacity and legitimacy. Using the case of local politicians in Vietnam, the author employs a Regression Discontinuity Design (RDD) to provide evidence that promotion pressures in these regimes incentivize  political elites to rein in rent-seeking, corruption, and extortion of businesses. These conditions subsequently result in better economic performance in the localities.
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GLD Policy Briefs: 

In the latest GLD policy brief, Karen Ferree shows the importance of understanding vaccine hesitancy in Malawi, which can be predicted by gender, rurality, and partisanship. The GLD policy briefs are free to share among your networks and with stakeholders whom you believe would find the work interesting.  
Publications and Presentations

Baldwin, Kate and Lust, Ellen. (2021). "How Leaders Gain Compliance: Survey Experiments on Variation by Activity." The State and Traditional Governance Nexus: Empirical Evidence from Africa Panel, APSA 2021, Sept. 28.

Ferree, Karen; Honing, Lauren; Lust, Ellen. (2021). "Land and Legibility: When Do Citizens Expect Property Rights to be Secure?" Territory, Politics, and Power in Africa Panel, APSA 2021, Sept. 30.

Lust, Ellen. (2021). "Community Networks, Clientelism, and Participation." (Chair). APSA 2021, Sept. 30.

Lust, Ellen. (2021). "Everyday Choices: The Role of Competing Authorities and Social Institutions in Politics and Development." Political Science Research Seminar, Trinity College Dublin, September 24.

Lust, Ellen. (2021). "Authoritarianism: A Substantive Approach." (Discussant). POMEPS Virtual Workshop, September 24.

Lust, Ellen. (2021). "Surveying Democracy & Governance in Africa: Substantive Findings and Methodological Advances." IDCPPA Monthly Webinar Series, September 21.

Lust, Ellen. (2021). "How Can Local Governments and Municipal Councils Increase Community Trust and Participation?" (Participant). Local Democracy Lab, Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy, September 20.

Lust, Ellen. (2021). "Promoting Democracy, Reinforcing Authoritarianism." (Moderator). GLD CERGU Joint Seminar, University of Gothenburg, September 14.


GLD Working Paper eJournal

Don’t forget to subscribe to the GLD SSRN eJournal! This month’s edition is focused on Local Governance in Tunisia. To see GLD’s full SSRN series, please click here

Staff Announcements 

Welcome to GLD, Connor! 

Connor Jerzak received his Master’s in Statistics and PhD in Government from Harvard University, where he was advised by Gary King, Kosuke Imai, and Xiang Zhou. During graduate school, he also worked as an intern at Adobe Research with Nikos Vlassis. After a one-year postdoc with Adel Daoud and the Observatory of Poverty project at Linköping University (Sweden), Connor will be joining the University of Texas at Austin as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Government. During his time as a visiting scholar at GLD, Connor's research will focus on using satellite data to improve our understanding of poverty in Africa.

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