Erica Metheney

Erica is GLD's statistician and head of GLD Data. She holds a Ph.D. in Statistics at Texas A&M University, and her professional interests include data and network analysis. As Head of the Data Team, Erica oversees all data-related tasks at GLD and develops solutions to increase efficiency. As GLD’s Statistician, she provides feedback on analyses, explores new analysis methods, and helps develop analysis plans. Her professional interests include data and network analysis.





Cecilia Ahsan Jansson

Cecilia Ahsan Jansson is GLD’s data analyst focusing on the implementation of analysis plans. She provides preliminary analysis reports for various projects within GLD with a special focus on experimental analyses. Cecilia is a thesis away from receiving her MSc in Economics from the University of Gothenburg. She has a special interest in Development Economics and she is currently conducting her thesis on the psychological determinants of persistent poverty among farmers in India.




Kirk Ammerman

Kirk is one of GLD’s Data Analysts, working on data monitoring, database cleaning, statistical analyses, and survey development. He has a bachelor's degree in Statistics from Texas A&M University, along with minors in both Mathematics and Cyber-Security. His professional interests include predictive sports analysis, survey design/analysis, understanding the Hidden Markov Model process and the role statistics play in criminal justice. 




Marcus Skog

Marcus Skog is GLD's Data Manager. He is a graduate of the University of Gothenburg and holds a bachelor's degree in Informatics. In addition to his degree, Marcus has also studied business administration and programming. He previously worked at Liseberg's HR department.