Jesper Katomero

Jesper Katomero is an experienced researcher on local governance, water sector governance and accountability based in Tanzania. He is currently coordinating a two-year multi-country Accountability for Water (AfW) research programme involving Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia under Shahidi wa Maji (SwM) and Water Witness International (WWI) NGOs. The two NGO’s advocates for a fair water future and water security for all and are based in Tanzania and the UK, respectively. The Accountability for Water Research Programme seeks to strengthen accountability for improved water service delivery, water resource management and sector governance, and to accelerate the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals on water.

Jesper is also a lecturer at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Dodoma, Tanzania. His work has been funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research—Science for Global Development (NW-WOTRO), Hewlett Foundation and DFID. His normative orientation is “working with the grain” of institutions and organizations in the global South. 


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