Submitting Your Paper


The Program on Governance and Local Development welcomes submissions of academic manuscripts for publication on our website and in our SSRN eJournal series.

All manuscripts will be reviewed by our editorial board, however, only papers selected for our working paper series will be published. Please note that manuscripts published elsewhere will not be accepted. All manuscripts should be clearly written and checked carefully for typographical errors. Though our working paper series features topics of a scientific nature we aim to make our publications accessible to a wider audience and therefore ask that manuscripts are readily understandable and refrain from the use of unnecessary jargon. Finally, we advise that papers should be between 7,000 and 9,000 words in length however manuscripts must not exceed 12,000 words unless by exception.

To submit your paper send manuscripts in Word format to however please read our style guide first to ensure compliance with our formatting guidelines. Papers not adhering to these guidelines cannot be accepted.