Our History 


The Program on Governance and Local Development (GLD) is a research program based at the University of Gothenburg, originally founded in 2013 at Yale University by Program Director, Professor Ellen Lust. GLD focuses on the local factors driving governance and development. The program is dedicated to international collaboration and scientifically rigorous, policy-relevant research in an effort to promote human welfare globally. Program findings are made available to the international and domestic communities through academic publications, policy briefs, public presentations, and social media, as well as on-the-ground workshops in cooperation with local partners.



Timeline 2015 - 2020

Five Years of Progress


In 2020, GLD was celebrating its 5th anniversary at the University of Gothenburg. Below, you can follow our journey up until 2020. 




The graphs used in the section "Five Years of Progress" were a part of GLD's 2020 Annual Report, compiled by GLD's Communications Officer Olivia Östlin and designed by Harald Schörnig at Frank & Earnest.